I got a new job!

After more than 5 years as Head of Digital Media at Los & Co I felt is time to move on. Today I stared as a Digital advisor & Concept Developer at Apt which is part of the Try Group. Read all about in Kampanje.com

2017 starts good…

  Wanted by Diplom-Is has already in 2017 won a bronze in Anfo Effekt in the category New, a sliver in Max Marketing Mix in the category Product Production and Distribution and a diploma in Retailprisen for lanch of The year ūüôā

Jury duty

I have been asked to join both the Max Markting Mix and Gulltaggen 2017 juries. Three categories in MMM and the Nordic Student category in Gulltaggen this year ūüôā

A talk for Facebook

Facebook loved the way we had used their platform during the launch of Wanted by Diplom-Is so they invited me to present the case at Facebook Visual Frist in Oslo. The event was held in Oslo at a skatepark (Skur 13) in front a a few hundred invited guests. A truly fun experience. See the case presentation

SAS & Julie Bergan

SAS teamed up with Norwegian artist Julie Bergan to launch their new uniforms with a carousel belt catwalk at Gardermoen Airport in Oslo. I worked with the launch plan in of the viral film the film in all channels. Read more about it @ Losco.no Read about it @ Little Black Book Read about it @ KF Read about it @ Kampanje

Another year with Kampanjeskolen

This autumn Kampanjeskolen will have 3 session. I will be the host on the frist one and holding a lecture about which tools a marketeer must know in 2016, at the last one. Video interview with Kampanje.com Read more @ Kampanje.com

Working with Influencers

This summer I worked with several profiled influencers during the launch of Wanted, a new ice-cream from Diplom-Is. A real fun project I learn a lot from. The launch was done both in the influencers own channels and in Diplom-Is own channels. Check out the link for the films on Instagram. The launch of Wanted had won bronze in Anfo Effekt 2016, sliver in Max Marketing Mix 2017 and where showcased as success story by Instagram. Wanted website Read more at Kreativt-Forum Read more losco.no Instagram showcase

Inspiration in Os

This week Arnstein Sarset and I held a talk¬†for Os Kommue in Hordaland¬†and mayor Terje S√łviknes as part of their 10 years evaluation of their “Os inspirerer” branding (made by Grey World Wide). The was talk about region and community branding and technology these days. They¬†liked it¬†so much, they¬†invited us back in¬†May. Read about the event in Midtsiden.no Read about the event in Os og Fusaposten

2 gold in Gullblyanten!

On Friday I and the SAS team at LOS&CO won two gold in Gullblyanten for Comfy Challenge in the category Stunt/Event and in Outdoor/Ambient. I have published the job earlier. SAS Comfy Challenge Jippi! Nå er det bare å gå hjem ? A photo posted by Arnt Christian Scheele (@twistedmind) on Mar 4, 2016 at 11:07am PST Bra at jeg ikke gikk hjem. Ble en til #gullblyanten A photo posted by Arnt Christian Scheele (@twistedmind) on Mar 4, 2016 at 2:20pm PST

Frist in Norway to create Facebook Canvas ad

Today I created one of Norway¬īs frist Canvas Ads for LOS&CO¬īs client SAS. SAS is whitelisted form Facebook to run some early ads before the official launch of the product in the end of February. I think it turned out pretty nice. It must be view in the Facebook app on a mobile phone. I believe this format will take over much of the native ads on the medias websites during 2016. I also got Kampanje to write about it. See the first canvas ad (only in mobile app) See the second canvas ad (only in mobile app) Read more at¬†Kampanje.com Read more at medier24.com Read more at losco.no Read more about Cavans Ads

Jury member for MMM

This week I was a jury member for 3 categories in Max Marketing Mix. This was a fun experiences. I have only once before been in a awards jury, several years ago. Max Marketing Mix 2016

I have made TV commercials!

I have tried out something new, making TV¬†commercials! It was very fun and the films¬†turned out good. It was five One Call films tailor-made for TV 2 Sport Premium, the channel which broadcast the Premier League matches in Norway with Harry Redknapp. As a bonus we ended up with a few recording with Harry telling the story wrong which we used on One Call¬īs Facebook page as competition¬†where you could win a free year with premier League and Mobile Broadband if you discover that was wrong. Read more about the project @ LOS&CO website See the rest of the films…

Web-serie for One Call

One Call was seeking a younger audience with content in their own channels, specially Facebook og YouTube. I worked with developing the idea and concept of creating a spin-off of TV 3¬īs Lukusfellen for their¬†own channels. Starring Hallgeir for Lukusfellen and Petter Pilgaard. I also made the media strategy. Read about the project View the episodes on: One Calls Facebook page One Calls YouTube channel TV3 Play

Kampanjeskolen: Tech and marketing

Gikk du glipp av √•rets siste Kampanjeskole: Markedsf√łring og tech? Her kan du se hvilken teknologi dagens foredragsholdere er avhengige av ūüôā Posted by Kampanje on¬†Tuesday, December 1, 2015   I was asked to do another talk¬†at Kampanjeskolen. This time my talk was about all you need to do after you have launched your campaign these days. Before the work usably endes the campaigns were launched. The event My presentation

Content marketing seminar

My two worlds met then I held a 3 hours talk about Content Marketing at LOS&CO for Radio Metro, The Beat and Radio Rox. The seminar was set up to inspire all the people working at the 3 radiostations with every aspect of Content Marketing. See the presentation

Kampanjeskolen: Viralkampanjer

Gikk du glipp av ¬ęKampanjeskolen: Viralkampanjer¬Ľ? Her deler to av foredragsholderne tips og tanker ūüôā Vel m√łtt til ¬ęKampanjeskolen: Ubevisst p√•virkning¬Ľ 13. oktober! Posted by Kampanje on¬†Wednesday, September 9, 2015   I was asked to do talk about who things are changing and who we need to adopt to trends and think in a new way. The event My presentation

Social media @ Svalbard

√Örets #sukkertopptopptur #Svalbard #Spitsbergentravel #los&co A post shared by Arnt Christian Scheele (@twistedmind) on Aug 5, 2015 at 9:22am PDT This week I have been to Longyearbyen at Svalbard to inspire LOS&CO¬īs client Spitsbergen Travel, to best practice of sosiale media and use of digital channels for the future. The lecture has adopted the travel industry. Earlier I have led similar lecture for other clients at LOS&CO (unfortunately I can¬īt publish these lectures online). In return Spitsbergen Travel shows us their products as Rib Safari, Champagne tasting, Wild life camp, hiking among others. http://www.spitsbergentravel.com

Last show on Radio Rox

Today was the last time Roxrevyen was aired on Radio Rox. I have hosted Roxrevyen since December 2012. The frist years it was on hour weekly show on Tuesdays og Thursdays at nine o¬īclock in the evening. Lately it is has been a¬†daily¬†concert tip¬†aired at 15:45 in the drive-time show Strindlers Liste. During the years I have made special shows for Tons of Rock, √ėya Festivalen, Norwegian Wood, By:Larm. I have had guest as The Carburetors, The Cavebones and The Yum Yums. Unfortunately I don¬īt have time for doing radio anymore, so now I¬īm going to take a long¬†holiday. Last time it lasted over 10 years.

SAS Comfy Challenge

I worked on this project as event organiser and digital producer together with the client, the creative team and the Swedish award winning digital agency B-Reel. The project won S√łlvtaggen. S√łlvtaggen for June/July 2015 Read about it in Scandinavian Traveler Read about it¬†in Kreativ Forum

Play with tech event

I was responsible for the implementation of the Play with tech event in Oslo. The event was co-operation between LOS&CO, B-Reel, Aftenposten and 6.sans. This was an event for the contributors clients and people in the industry to play with new technology as Leap Motion, Oculus Rift, Muse, WebSocket among others. Check out the full program http://b-reel.rocks/oslo/

Roxrevyen Power Pop special

This weeks show was in the honour of power pop, due to the Oslo International Power Pop Festival at Pokalen in Vulkan Arena. One hour spesial with Morten Henriksen from The Yum Yums as a guest. It also contain the world premier of The Yum Yums song Over and Over. A song made for the launch of the Litago app Moojis which I worked with at LOS&CO.  

Taking over the world with emojis

For Litago I was working on an app with customised emooijs with we called Moojis. In the frist version the Moojis could be used on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS, email or saved to the camera roll on the mobile device for any given use. We also med a song and music video for launch with the The Yum Yums, called Over and Over. Check it out on my radio show. Download the Litago Moojis App Read about the app in Kreativt Forum  

Gulltaggen lecture

All metal winners for this years Gulltaggen was asked to present their submission at Saga Kino after the award show. I held the presentation of LOS&CO job, Litago Election 2013. This job also won bronze in Anfo Effekt and Max Marketing Mix. The event My presentation

Litago election 2013

I worked as advisor and digital producer for the election campaign for Litago. We actually tried to run for government in Norway, but the TINE got cold feet and it ended up a fake election campaign during the 2013 election. Pretty fun experience with physical stands, sosiale media, film and PR in the press. It collected bronze medals in Gulltaggen, Anfo Effect and Max Marketing Mix. Litago was during this campaign probably the frist big brand in Norway to use Snapchat and Vine. See the case video Read about the case in Kreative Forum View the election site