Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just do it.

- Nike

My LinkedIn profileYesterday you said tomorrow. Just do it.


SINCE 1996

My first podcast

Since I’m an old radioguy, it was time to do my frist podcast. I participated in «Gunnar guide to voksenlivet» with Gunnar Gundersen takling about voice assistents, with main focus on Google Assistent.

Telenor smart house

I work on a Telenor smart house project as a digital advisor, researching the possibilities to implement smart home solutions in to an old house there 89 years old Lisa lived.

Working with Google Zoo

TRY Apt teamet up with a Google Zoo team from Amsterdam and London to do a Google Sprint for an idea we had for Volkswagen which potencialy could be build with techology from Google.

Jury duty

I have been asked to join both the Max Markting Mix and Gulltaggen 2017 juries. Three categories in MMM and the Nordic Student category in Gulltaggen this year 🙂

Jury member for MMM

This week I was a jury member for 3 categories in Max Marketing Mix. This was a fun experiences. I have only once before been in a awards jury, several years ago.