My first podcast

Since I’m an old radioguy, it was time to do my frist podcast. I participated in «Gunnar guide to voksenlivet» with Gunnar Gundersen takling about voice assistents, with main focus on Google Assistent.

Content marketing seminar

My two worlds met then I held a 3 hours talk about Content Marketing at LOS&CO for Radio Metro, The Beat and Radio Rox. The seminar was set up to inspire all the people working at the 3 radiostations with every aspect of Content Marketing.

Last show on Radio Rox

Today was the last time Roxrevyen was aired on Radio Rox. I have hosted Roxrevyen since December 2012. The frist years it was on hour weekly show on Tuesdays og Thursdays at nine o´clock in the evening. Lately it is has been a daily concert tip aired at 15:45 in the drive-time show Strindlers Liste. During the years I have made special shows for Tons of Rock, Øya Festivalen, Norwegian Wood, By:Larm. I have had guest as The Carburetors, The Cavebones and The Yum Yums. Unfortunately I don´t have time for doing radio anymore, so now I´m going to take a long holiday. Last time it lasted over 10 years.

Roxrevyen Power Pop special

This weeks show was in the honour of power pop, due to the Oslo International Power Pop Festival at Pokalen in Vulkan Arena. One hour spesial with Morten Henriksen from The Yum Yums as a guest. It also contain the world premier of The Yum Yums song Over and Over. A song made for the launch of the Litago app Moojis which I worked with at LOS&CO.  

I got my own radioshow (again)!

Today was the premier of my radioshow Roxrevyen on Radio Rox, broadcasting on FM and DAB in the greater Oslo area and worldwide on Internett. Radio Rox is a 24/7 station for rock and pop. The name I have borrowed from a show on NRK P3 witch was canceled over 10 years ago. My show is presenting live acts in Oslo, everything from Honningbarna to The Killers. The show is on every Tuesday and Thursday @ 21. It is over 10 years since last I broadcasted radio. Radio Rox  

TV 2 Sonen and Radio Tango

During 2000 and 2006 I worked for Radio Tango in Oslo as designer and developer for various projects. I also broadcasted Radio Tango for TV 2 Sonen during 2000 and 2001. It was broadcasted nationwide during TV 2s off air time (mid-day and night) then TV 2 broadcasted interactive sms games. It was formatted as a pure music radio playing the viewers wishes. Lucky this was long before the hosts become visible on the screen and mostly commentaded on the sms chat on screen. Unfortunately it does´t exist any recording of this (as far as I know). Anyway, Radio Tango was the coolest radio station in Norway. Radio Tango disappeared from the air in 2010, after 22 years as Norway’s leading rock-station.

MFM Planet of rock

Luckily there is one recording from my time at MFM Bergen in the mid-nineties, but the soundquality is poor. MFM was mainly a topp 40 station, but the there was room for a weekly 2 hour rock-show which I hosted, Planet of rock. Check out this recording from November 1996.  

I started my carrier @ Radio Tango in Bergen

I started my carrier in radio at Radio Tango in Bergen in 1995 as an afternoon host. Radio Tango had studio at USF Verftet and broadcasted on FM 100,3 – 103,3 – 107,5. This was learning by doing since I had no experience with broadcasting and everything was live without any computers. I also had my own weekly show, Alternitarnt. You can hear the my last show from1996.