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Årets #sukkertopptopptur #Svalbard #Spitsbergentravel #los&co A post shared by Arnt Christian Scheele (@twistedmind) on Aug 5, 2015 at 9:22am PDT This week I have been to Longyearbyen at Svalbard to inspire LOS&CO´s client Spitsbergen Travel, to best practice of sosiale media and use of digital channels for the future. The lecture has adopted the travel industry. Earlier I have led similar lecture for other clients at LOS&CO (unfortunately I can´t publish these lectures online). In return Spitsbergen Travel shows us their products as Rib Safari, Champagne tasting, Wild life camp, hiking among others. View this post on Instagram #decay #boat #svalbard A post shared by Arnt Christian Scheele (@twistedmind) on Aug 6, 2015 at 9:05am PDT

SAS Comfy Challenge

I worked on this project as event organiser and digital producer together with the client, the creative team and the Swedish award winning digital agency B-Reel. The project won Sølvtaggen. Sølvtaggen for June/July 2015 Read about it in Scandinavian Traveler Read about it in Kreativ Forum

Play with tech event

I was responsible for the implementation of the Play with tech event in Oslo. The event was co-operation between LOS&CO, B-Reel, Aftenposten and 6.sans. This was an event for the contributors clients and people in the industry to play with new technology as Leap Motion, Oculus Rift, Muse, WebSocket among others. Check out the full program

Taking over the world with emojis

For Litago I was working on an app with customised emooijs with we called Moojis. In the frist version the Moojis could be used on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS, email or saved to the camera roll on the mobile device for any given use. We also med a song and music video for launch with the The Yum Yums, called Over and Over. Check it out on my radio show. Download the Litago Moojis App Read about the app in Kreativt Forum  

Gulltaggen lecture

All metal winners for this years Gulltaggen was asked to present their submission at Saga Kino after the award show. I held the presentation of LOS&CO job, Litago Election 2013. This job also won bronze in Anfo Effekt and Max Marketing Mix. My presentation

Litago election 2013

I worked as advisor and digital producer for the election campaign for Litago. We actually tried to run for government in Norway, but the TINE got cold feet and it ended up a fake election campaign during the 2013 election. Pretty fun experience with physical stands, sosiale media, film and PR in the press. It collected bronze medals in Gulltaggen, Anfo Effect and Max Marketing Mix. Litago was during this campaign probably the frist big brand in Norway to use Snapchat and Vine.

FWA for Litago app

I worked together with the creative team and award winning Swedish digital agency B-Reel as a web producer and advisor creating a groundbreaking native mobile game. It won the Mobile of day December 5th 20112. Read more in Kreativt ForumFeatured in Creative ReviewDownload the app

Grand Prix in Gullblyanten for Varier Brain Design

I as digital producer for DIST Creative worked together the client and the creative team to develop the concept and worked closely with award winning Swedish digital agency B–Reel. The projected used technology in new and exciting by reading children brainactivity to create artwork on the Varier Balance chair. The projects won serval awards after I started working for LOS&CO.

Going to LOS&CO

Since DIST Creative was heading against bankruptcy I change my employer to LOS&CO. Starting out as a digital producer and advisor. After a while becoming Head of Digital. Working with everything from sosial media, content, apps, mobile, websites to banners.

Plan Norge – The Long Run

As a digital producer in DIST Creative I was reposnisble for the production of The Long run application for iPhone, Android and the website. I also worked with client and the creative team with the concept development.

New exciting job

I´m leaving MediaFront after been headhunted to award winning DIST Creative under Aegis Norway. I´m starting as a digital producer and partly digital advisor. Read about in Kreativt Forum

TV 2 X Factor – Be a star

I was responsible for the online launch of  X Factor for Norwegian TV 2 as web producer (also starred as the producer on the website and in the TV promo). The project won silver in Gulltaggen 2011 in the category Nordic Challenge and was nominated to The Digital Emmy Adwards. X-Faxtor to Digital Emmy AdwardsNominated to Digital Emmy Adwards

TV 2 – Vil du danse

I was responsible for the online launch of Strictly Come Dansing (Vil du danse) for Norwegian TV 2 as web producer in MediaFront. The project included groundbreaking technology. You could dance with TV presenters online. It also includes some stunds for sosial media.

Flying for TV 2

I was a photograph and cameraman in a helikopter for TV 2s Jakten på Kjærligheten. I was filming a large arrow in a field near at Gardermoen airport. The images was going to be used i sosial media og for PR for the TV show.

Changing my career

I´m changing my career path a bit and are becoming a web producer. Still within the McCann network, in the newly acquired digital agency MediaFront. Read about in Kreativt ForumRead about in KampanjeRead about in INMA

INMA Breakfestseminar

I was part of the INMA Traffic group from 2005 until 2010 and during 2008 and 2009 I  talked at 3 breakfast seminars. View my presentation from the breakfast seminar @ VG Huset, 26th May 2009. Download the presentation (PPT) 

Banners galore

During my years in McCann Oslo I made a lot of banners. The one for DnB NOR won a Diploma in Gullblyanten in 2006 and I starred in one of the videos for Microsoft. Check the DnB NOR bannerCheck the ones for MicrosoftCheck this one for Lommelegen

McCann Interactive i London

Arsenal – Man Utd Toppkamp 03.11.2007Vi fikk billetter til en sinsyk pris, men de var på første rad blant Man Utd supporterene, på en fullsatt Emirates Stadium. (60 168).2-1 til Man Utd ved Ronaldo få minutter før slutt. Kvelden ente på verdens kuleste private nattklubb, Hedges and Bulter, i New Burlington Mews, en bakgate av Regent Street der vi var med mr Santorini. Les mer om stedet her:

Websites that does not exist anymore

During my time in McCann Oslo as an interactive designer in McCann Oslo I designed a lot websites for clients as among others: • Statoil • TINE • NetCom • Scandic Hotels • Pepsi Max (Ringnes) • NSB • Microsoft • Sørlandschips • Retailprisen (Kreativ Forum) Unfortunately they does not exist anymore and I never took screenshots of them. The frist one I did, was the webside for Sørlandschips released in May 2005. I programmed the whole site in Flash and helped with design. It won a diploma in Gullblyanten 2006 and was important part of the submission which won Grand Prix in the Stella Award in 2005. Read about the Stella case in Kampanje

My old stuff

All worked I have done before moving to Oslo in the autumn of 2004 is still viewable (I hope) on mye old website. It hasen´t been updated since early 2005 som might be buggy and it is not mobile friendly.